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Christian Counseling in Harrisburg, PA   |   Christian Marriage Counseling in Harrisburg, PA

HIS Creations Ministries, Inc.

Practical Biblical counseling.

No Cost First Appointment!!!


HIS Creations Ministries, Inc. is an outpatient counseling agency. If an emergency arises in between your counseling sessions, we urge you to call a crisis center now.

Do NOT wait until your next counseling session to take action call 911. 

Are you in a crisis?

Are you feeling desperate, alone, helpless or hopeless? Unsure how to handle a situation until your next counseling session? In an abusive situation? Other symptoms of a crisis include...

1. Suicidal thoughts

2. Homicidal thoughts

3. Paranoid thoughts

Who should I call?

1. In case of eminent danger to self or others call 911for immediate assistance.

2. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


(24/7 suicide and emotional distress help for


3. Boys Town Suicide & Crisis line


(24/7 children and family conflict counsel

& referral)

4. Child abuse hotline


(make a report)


(counseling and referrals)

5. Domestic Violence hotline


(24/7 counsel & referral to emergency


6. Substance abuse hotline



** For a local number, please search "Crisis Intervention" or

"Hotlines" on your device.

** Feel free to call 911 or your

local police if in immediate need.

After the crisis?

  • Follow up with your counselor at HIS Creations Ministries AFTER dealing with the crisis by informing him/her at your next session what happened and actions taken.
  • You are welcome to call us to see if an earlier appointment is available to be scheduled with your counselor for follow-up.
  • URGENT to follow-up? HIS Creations Ministries could (at your request) see if your counselor has any emergency sessions to follow-up to your crisis ASAP.
  • **Please note that not all counselors are able to do so; however if
  • scheduled, an emergency session (outside of your counselor's normal hours) is double the cost.
  • Call 717-943-7438 to arrange for your follow-up session as needed.

What if a crisis is revealed in session?

If you reveal a crisis situation or symptoms in your counseling session, your counselor will discuss options with you for immediate intervention if needed and appropriate. If no immediate action is needed, then your counselor will discuss his/her concern for you and the need to either verbally or in writing commit to safety until your next counseling session.

If you need a written contract for safety:

Office clients-->You will be given a form to read, sign and keep with you. This form has emergency numbers on it should the need arise to take action in between your counseling sessions.

Online clients-->You will be asked to complete the below form on our website.

I agree to remain safe until my next counseling appointment. At that time, I will give my counselor an update on my intentions to remain safe. I understand that if my thoughts about my safety OR another person's safety worsen before my next appointment, I will call a Crisis intervention number listed in the Crisis section of HIS Creations Ministries' website. I acknowledge that by checking "Yes", this constitutes my understanding, agreement and signature. If I check "No" I understand that my counselor may need to breach confidentiality to keep me or another safe.
I have either printed or personally notated my Contract for Safety and all Crisis numbers to call if needed. If I chose to print, I understand I must do it now, prior to pressing "Send".
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